The Fitness Studio

Welcome to FitZone 360
A One of a Kind Fitness Facilty!

FitZone360 offers its members a unique, integrated and individualized approach to fat loss and fitness.

With our unique, individualized and integrated approach we offer training and coaching utilizing ALL the major tools to attain fat loss or which ever your fitness goal might be! We combine nutritional coaching, the most important tool in achieving your fitness goal, individualized resistance training and metabolic (High Intensity)30 min classes giving our members the best possible scenario to achieve their goals, giving them the tools to maintain the attained results for life!

Integrated Fitness | Lasting Results

It’s what we do, a unique, integrated and one of a kind approach to fitness and fat loss!

Members can choose from semi-private training, small group 30 min classes or you can do it all! Our membership is unlimited and you can come as many times as you want, although with our system you will not have to come every single day to achieve results.

We will sit down with each member to evaluate and assess their individual goals in order to design a specialized fitness and nutritional program. We won’t just create a daily workout for you; we will design a, systemized program integrating all the major tools to help you achieve the results that you want. Best of all we will teach you how to maintain those results for life!

Whether it’s semi-private(max of 5 members) or small group training (8-10 members), we ensure a positive and unique experience in an intimate atmosphere!

At FitZone360 we take your fitness and health very seriously. We immensely appreciate your trust in us and we do not take this responsibility lightly. We will always stay ahead of the game and do our best to bring you the best and latest in the fitness industry!

Looking forward to start our workouts together very soon!

Yours in health and fitness,